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Smart adjustable ventilation fan to track dust and crowded place to enhance air circulation.

VenRoboTech, Smart dust-sensing fan

VenRoboTech consists of an intelligent electronic eye (optical dust sensor) that is sensitive to dust and crowded environments that humans accumulate, based on which it rotates and adjusts its speed for air conditioning operations.

The height of this system is adjustable to the environment. The head of this device rotates 270 degrees.

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VenRoboTech pioneers Smart Adjustable Ventilation Fans, employing an innovative Optical Dust Sensor for intelligent air circulation. Portable, rechargeable, and cost-effective, the fan adapts to diverse settings, addressing issues like poor indoor air quality and discomfort in crowded spaces. With features such as low installation costs and automatic shut-off, VenRoboTech is poised to revolutionize the ventilation industry globally.

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Portable and rechargeable​

VenRoboTech is designed to be portable and rechargeable, offering flexibility and convenience in moving it to different locations.

Cost-effective installation​

VenRoboTech eliminates the need for expensive installation and ducting in buildings, providing a cost-effective solution.

Automatic air quality control​

It automatically turns off the system when it detects clean air within the comfort zone, promoting energy efficiency.

Intelligent air conditioning​

It effectively identifies the air conditioning area and performs ventilation operations intelligently, ensuring optimal air quality.

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